Embracing Faith in Your Journey: A Reflection on Growth and Courage

Back in 2013, I embarked on a transformative journey, one that not only reshaped my understanding of success in business but also deepened my spiritual foundation. Reflecting on that period, I find the lessons learned and the growth experienced to be profoundly impactful, not just for me but potentially for anyone who chooses to walk a path led by God.

The Intersection of Faith and Business

The question of how faith intersects with our professional lives often surfaces, especially in environments that challenge our core beliefs and values. For many people in business, and indeed in various sectors, integrating faith into their careers is a deeply felt aspiration. It’s about navigating the business world not solely with the guidance of what we can see and measure, but by leaning into the convictions we hold within—convictions not always visible but ever so pivotal in directing our paths.

Walking in Faith: More Than Just Belief

To walk in faith is to operate your business and live your life anchored in beliefs that might linger in the background but are constantly shaping your decisions and actions. This understanding of faith transforms how we view success. It becomes less about the milestones achieved and more about remaining true to the path God has laid out for us. Success, in this light, is defined by our faithfulness to this process, a perspective that shifts our focus from external accolades to internal alignment with our divine purpose.

My journey took a significant turn when I stumbled upon a book that was recommended to me. This book, with its message of audacious faith and prayer, arrived at a pivotal moment in my life, challenging me to reassess my understanding of what it means to live a life of faith. The author reminded us of Joshua 10:1-15, a story in the Bible that speaks of audacious faith. That story in the Bible gives the assertion that our visions should be so bold they intimidate us. Tis verse was a wake-up call. It prompted me to question the limits I had unconsciously placed on my faith and, by extension, my life and career.


The Audacious Question of Priorities

Engaging with this book and the Bible principles it espouses forced me to confront an audacious question: What does it truly mean to prioritize God first, family second, and career third? This query is not about finding a one-size-fits-all answer but about introspection and understanding where we stand in our unique journeys. For me, it meant realizing that my relationship with God should permeate every aspect of my life, including my work. It was about glorifying Him in everything I do and refusing to use faith as an excuse for inaction or complacency. These core values—living by the Golden Rule, keeping priorities in order, and embodying the servanthood spirit—have not only sustained my career but have also inspired countless individuals, including myself, to strive for a harmonious integration of faith and work.

My path to integrating faith more deeply into my life and work was not straightforward. It involved confronting past traumas, challenging long-held beliefs, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Joining Mary Kay provided a glimpse into what a life filled with positivity, success, and fulfillment could look like, but it also highlighted a void within me—a yearning for something more profound and enduring.

The Power of Partnership with God

The concept of taking God as a business partner was transformative for me. It was about moving beyond mere acknowledgment of God’s existence to actively involving Him in every decision, every challenge, and every victory. This partnership became the foundation of my business, guiding me to lead with faith, confront my fears, and view adversity through a lens of joy and opportunity.

Integrating faith into my business has had a profound impact, transforming my approach to fear, motivation, adversity, and the pursuit of approval. It has taught me to lean on God’s Word, to see obstacles as opportunities for growth, and to understand that true achievement comes not from human accolades but from fulfilling the purpose God has set before me.

Believing and Achieving

Looking back on this journey, I’m reminded of the incredible power of God—not as a passive state of waiting for God to act but as an active, dynamic force that drives us to pursue our God-given destinies with courage and conviction. My experience has shown me that when we dare to believe, truly believe, in the vastness of God’s plan for our lives, the path to achieving our dreams becomes not only clearer but also more fulfilling.

In every step, in every challenge, and in every triumph, faith has been my anchor, guiding me toward a deeper understanding of my purpose and my place in this world. And so, to anyone standing at the crossroads of faith and career, I say: Dare to believe, and watch as the impossible becomes possible through the power of your faith.

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