Consulting and Training Services

Consulting and Training Services

Patty Bennett provides specialized Anti-Human Trafficking Consulting, Training, and Speaking Engagements tailored for individuals, non-profits, government agencies, churches, law enforcement, and businesses.  Patty offers vital strategies and insights to combat human trafficking and Labor Trafficking. Whether you’re looking to educate a team, enhance your organizational policies, or inspire action through impactful speaking engagements, Patty Bennett delivers the expertise you need to make a significant difference.

Empowering Resilience and Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Patty Bennett, creator of the B.E.S.T framework, specializes in transforming workplace environments through a tailored approach that enhances resilience and psychological safety. This innovative strategy, underpinned by three essential pillars of support, is specifically designed to boost employee retention and productivity within a trauma-informed context. Ideal for organizations looking to elevate their workplace culture, Patty’s framework equips you with the necessary tools to drive meaningful and enduring change. This workshop and training program are expertly crafted to empower organizations in effectively hiring survivors and ensuring their successful integration into the workplace. Utilizing the B.E.S.T framework not only fosters a resilient environment but also lays the groundwork for psychological safety, establishing a workplace culture that values well-being and leverages employee strengths for maximum productivity and satisfaction. Embark on this transformative journey with us and redefine your workplace narrative, empowering both individuals and organizations to thrive.

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

I offer consulting services tailored to equip organizations and professionals with the skills needed to successfully implement trauma-informed practices and develop trauma-sensitive materials. These services are designed to guide leaders through the process of creating an environment that is aware of and responsive to the impact of trauma, thereby enhancing the overall health and effectiveness of the organization. By integrating trauma-informed principles into your leadership strategies, you can significantly improve team dynamics, increase employee engagement, and cultivate a supportive and productive workplace atmosphere. Join us to transform your leadership approach and make a profound impact on your organization’s success.

Leadership Coaching

In addition to her anti-trafficking work, Patty Bennett offers Leadership Coaching for individuals, organizations, and non-profits. She focuses on building strong leaders through trauma-informed practices and compliance with survivor-centered care. Her coaching empowers leaders to manage their teams with empathy, ensuring that their operations not only meet legal and ethical standards but also support the well-being of all stakeholders. Join Patty Bennett in creating safer, more informed, and responsive communities and workplaces. Her comprehensive approach to training, consulting, and coaching makes her an invaluable ally in the fight against human trafficking and labor trafficking and in the quest to foster effective, empathetic leadership.

Patty Bennett’s Anti-Human Trafficking Solutions

Patty Bennett offers expert Anti-Human Trafficking Consulting, Training, and Speaking Engagements, tailored for a diverse clientele including individuals, non-profits, government agencies, churches, law enforcement, and businesses. With her extensive knowledge and strategic approach, Patty provides essential strategies and insights to combat both human and labor trafficking. Her services are crucial for those looking to educate their teams, enhance organizational policies, or catalyze action through powerful speaking engagements.
Whether your goal is to implement new policies, raise awareness, or drive community action, Patty Bennett has the expertise you need to make a profound impact. Her work not only addresses the broader aspects of human trafficking but also delves into the specifics of labor trafficking, making her a comprehensive resource in this critical field. Stand with us in the fight against human trafficking—reach out to Patty Bennett today to schedule a consultation or book a speaking engagement.

Patty Bennett’s Comprehensive Anti-Human Trafficking Services

Patty offers specialized consulting and training services, expertly tailored for healthcare providers, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, community groups, churches, and individuals. These essential services are designed to equip stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively identify, respond to, and prevent human trafficking within their respective spheres of influence.

Extensive Collaboration and Expertise

Patty’s experience spans across vital collaborations with law enforcement on targeted operations and partnerships with key agencies like Homeland Security for extensive operations, training, and consulting initiatives. She has worked alongside established non-profits such as Polaris, contributing her expertise to their anti-trafficking efforts. Her partnerships extend to academic institutions and professionals in developing rigorous curricula and training materials focused on combating human trafficking.

Media Engagement and Educational Contributions

A recognized international expert in her field, Patty has been featured on various podcasts and news channels, bringing light to the complexities of labor trafficking and human trafficking. She has been selected to produce training videos for government agencies, leveraging her insights to educate a wider audience. Her active participation on advisory boards, especially in the fight against labor trafficking, underscores her commitment to this cause.

Direct Support and Mentorship 

Beyond her advisory and educational roles, Patty has directly coached, mentored, and supported hundreds of survivors of human trafficking. Her comprehensive approach not only focuses on immediate anti-trafficking measures but also on the long-term recovery and empowerment of survivors.

Patty Bennett’s multifaceted expertise and dedicated engagement make her services indispensable to any organization looking to make a significant impact in the fight against human trafficking. Contact Patty Bennett today to enhance your team’s capability to tackle this global issue head-on and ensure your operations are both effective and empathetic.