Welcome to the DISC Assessment!

Below you will see the descriptions for the two different versions of DISC assessment that are available. Please choose the between the Non-Faith version or the Faith-Based version of the assessment.

The Classic DISC (Non-Faith Version)

The Classic DISC is a personality assessment that will help you recognize the difference between personality, temperament, and character. You learn about your emotional intelligence and its impact on your personal and professional growth. You will build your self esteem by grasping more about your natural strengths and abilities. You will discover growth areas to focus on with specific recommendations to help you grow emotionally and relationally.

The Christian DISC (Faith-Based Version)

The Christian DISC® is a spiritual personality assessment that categorizes personality into four types, and integrates insight from scripture and emotional intelligence. The model behind the Christian DISC® is ideal for individuals, couples, and groups and is specifically designed for use in faith-based counseling, coaching, and ministry.